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Gro Gro®

Honest Supportive Nutrition

We worked with challenger baby food brand Gro Gro® on their branding, brand strategy and value proposition, packaging, website and retail rollout.

We created a category boundary-pushing brand which enables consumers to understand the key differences between ambient baby food – and cold-pressed HPP baby food.

The Project

Gro Gro® is a new range of cold-pressed HPP baby food – disrupting the market which traditionally sits in an ambient category.

We enabled customers to understand the benefits of functional cold-pressed and a more premium positioned baby food offering, challenging the existing landscape.


We identified that although consumers generally understood cold-pressed as ‘healthier’, little understood the end benefits as a production method. Our packaging focused on communicating the benefits of cold-pressed in an easy to understand way along with functional benefits of the products, delivering messaging on shelf in a clear and concise manner.

The brand’s Scandinavian roots formed a key part of our value proposition and product messaging – underpinned by the move to simple foods with clean ingredients and minimal processing.

“Working with Greatergood® has been instrumental in getting our vision across in these packaged products and our vision and ambitions for the future.”

Malin Bruset Gro Gro®

“We wanted Gro Gro® to stand out. That’s why we went to Greatergood® for support. Daniel and the team have done a fantastic job resetting Gro Gro®’s brand strategy and packaging. Our unique proposition is now much more compelling and our packaging retail-ready. We now have a clear edge vs the other players.”

Rania Guirguis Gro Gro®

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